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Eleni Doxiadi

Who I am

I am a self taught professional home cook, otherwise referred to as a private chef, based in Greece. I have worked in various restaurants, but cooking in homes is a whole different story. Constant creativity is required.

I love to cook. It keeps all senses, hearing, smelling, seeing, touching, and tasting, in synch and on constant alert. 

I  hold a degree in chemistry, so I naturally have a scientific methodology in the kitchen, which in my eyes is a different laboratory full of excitement.

I confess to having a bit of OCD, just enough to force me to work incredibly clean and organized. Possibly because of this, I am also a perfectionist so I constantly try to improve.

I admire nature's plants, fruits, and vegetables, and I try to highlight them plentifully and seasonally. I respect all "higher" life forms and, on the occasion I choose to use them as food, I try to do justice to their majesty. 

Finally, I take care of animals, I love to garden and practice yoga, and I swim almost all year around.



it all comes down to proper seasoning

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