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I will be sharing thoughts here, every now and then, the only virtual food I can provide!


Feeding to me is an expression of care. After baring an offspring the female body turns into an organic kitchen, producing milk for many months in order to ensure the survival of the offspring, and parents of numerous species travel miles on end, hunt,  fight, and risk their lives, in order to provide food. Furthermore, when it became possible to grow food other than having to travel to look for it, humans stopped being nomads and formed location based societies. They kind we live in.

But food has long stopped being treated as just a basic need for survival. We eat a lot more,  and desire a much wider flavour range than we really need. It has become one of our strongest pleasures. We have greedy taste buds and even greedier stomachs. Not being hungry is not enough to keep us satisfied. We want to constantly entertain ourselves through food.

But it is possible to tame our impulses and train our stomachs to enjoy a restrained, balanced diet. And we should because it is healthier. How food is produced and used these days is a complicated matter that touches on many issues, environmental and ethical not being the least. And it is a fact that not everyone has access to food. So, it shouldn’t be wasted. It should be valued and appreciated. And it should be shared. Don’t throw edible food in the garbage, even if you don’t want it. Offer it. To your friends, your neighbours, to a stranger in need, to a hungry animal.

Let's be grateful whenever we are not hungry and do better for those who are.

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