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Mingled Greek Cuisine, and more. 

Because, on an every day basis, any home cooked meal is better than any delivery.

Everyday food should be tasty, nutritious, affordable, and not particularly time consuming.


Mingled Food is first and foremost about flavor, and on that concessions will never be made. Most recipes will feature vegetables, mainly low in carbohydrates, which are the above the ground vegetables, but there will also be the occasional potato salad. Furthermore, fat is used throughout (butter, olive oil, coconut oil etc), and eggs will also feature often. Plant based (legumes, quinoa) and marine (fish and seafood) protein, will appear systematically, although there will also be chicken, beef, and pork recipes in moderation. Processed food high in carbohydrate content are usually avoided, but every now and then a comforting bowl of noodles, or a decadent baked lasagne dish is the only way to go. Even more reason to make it delicious and cook it perfectly. If you are going to occasionally indulge it might as well be worth it. Finally, sugar is used in small quantities when deemed appropriate flavor wise, and furthermore, on some days there has to be a real dessert, not the least reason being the wonderful aromas that scent the house!


In other words, Mingled Food will offer options for a balanced, restrained, yet all-inclusive diet. On a Mediterranean basis, ingredients mingle with spices, condiments, and even techniques from other cuisines, mainly Asian, in a variety of recipes aimed at making home cooking exciting and delicious.


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