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Mingled Greek Cuisine, and more. 

Because, on an every day basis, any home cooked meal is better than any delivery.

Before mingling, read through directions, prepare ingredients and organize them on your bench in order of use. It helps in numerous way, not the least of which being a visual of relative quantities. While mingling, listen to music, taste everything at regular intervals, and keep that magnifying glass (salt) at a proper distance! 


It is a general consensus that processed food should be avoided, so find a few recipes that you love, learn how to cook them perfectly, and if you are going to indulge every now and then do it in style!

Rice and raw Broccoli Salad

INGREDIENTS AND DIRECTIONS (2 generous portions)

OK, in its complete form this mingled salad is utterly delicious in a very unexpected way. But keto's can skip raisins and rice, vegeterians can skip the bacon and it will still be a complete, healthy, nutritious meal. Apart from the bacon and rice, there is no other cooking involved, and furthermore, I used left over basmati rice, so there was even less cooking on the day. This is actually the reason I came up with the particular salad, what to do with left over rice.


In a bowl, mingle:


1. Broccoli, 1 medium pc, very very finely cut. Raw broccoli can be unpleasant to bite into if the pieces are large, so use your finest knife skills, or if needed a food processor.

2. Pine nuts, toasted, 2 tbsp, or more. Honestly I would say as much as you would like, and this also goes for the rest of the ingredients.

3. Onion, 1 medium pc, finely chopped in thin strips, or cubes if you prefer, although for salads I find the texture of a thin strip a lot more pleasant and discrete.

4. Raisins, 2 tbsp

5. Bacon, 4 pcs, crispy and roughly cut

6. Cooked rice, 2 cups

For the dressing, in a bowl whisk together:

7. Mayonnaise, 100 gr

8. Buttermilk, 100 gr

9. Apple Cider Vinegar, 1 tsp

10. Salt, 1/4 tsp


Mix well with the rest of the ingredients and sprinkle:


11. Freshly ground black pepper

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